Our philosophy is one of no compromise.

Products contain only the purest, naturally-derived indigenous ingredients from the rich soils of Africa. We bring you the new generation of Spa products in their purest, most natural form.


Open your soul to Africa and be inspired beyond imagination. Be at one with nature and transform - back to the source.

A pure, original, and indigenous spa concept with no compromise, offering unique and authentic therapies and signature spa lines to create pure bliss and transformation in your spa.

This is a new generation of a pure, holistic concept for your spa.

Be unique. Different. Be aware of nature. Savour the feel of a signature Inkaba Massage. A total transformation. To bring the authentic you into being, to evoke your natural state of inner and outer beauty, combined with the wisdom of the ages and traditional healing methods from a rich variety of different herbs and cultures.

Wisdom of Africa's Vision

Wisdom of Africa aspires to enlighten the spa guest to the importance of well being, helping them to achieve a balance between body, mind & soul. Looking within our own country to promote strictly South African and African products, Wisdom of Africa help contributes to the development and empowerment of the continent.

Advanced, effective and unique techniques have been chosen from Africa and all over the world to create a truly unique Spa experience through our products and signature treatments. Wisdom of Africa provides our clients with the best support service in the industry by offering the complete spa package.

Creating the ultimate Spa Experience

With the owner's many years of experience in both the international and local hospitality and spa industries, we understand the need to offer a fully comprehensive brand and service package. We supply beautiful hotel amenities, branded uniforms, gowns, kaftans, bowls, candles, beaded boxes and ritual packs to compliment the range and complement the complete spa package offering through assisting you in achieving the right ambience for your spa.

We have a dedicated marketing department that brings several years of international experience to ensure a yearly promotional package is in place to help you maximize the sales opportunities within your spa.

We offer a superb training programme, run by our International Trainer, who brings an abundance of knowledge and international experience from a team who has years of experience from all over the world . We will be happy to lend you our expertise to design your spa... or turn your current spa into a profitable state-of-the art facility.

Our Commitment

The Wisdom of AFRICA product range does not compromise in anyway. Our products are designed to compliment each other and work harmoniously to provide outstanding results.

Wisdom of Africa 's outstanding product line and treatment menu not only appeals to the senses - being a fully comprehensive range of simple sophistication - but is committed to delivering visible results.

We are committed to using only the best naturally-derived indigenous ingredients in all our products, sourced exclusively from the rich African soil, to facilitate the journey towards well being. Our products are free from all harmful chemical substances. Our products do not contain mineral oils, added fragrances or artificial colours. Neither do we use any anti-freeze-dry or excessive heating processes in our products and manufacturing. Our products are not tested on animals

For more information contact:

Elisabeth Brandt

Adri du Toit

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