When you touch the soil of our land, you feel a sense of personal renewal'

Nelson Mandela: Inauguration speech 1994


Own Your Very Own Wisdom of Africa Spa

Creating the ultimate Spa Experience

At WOA we understand that the Spa business is a highly competitive and challengine one. Spa Operators are constantly faced with the challenge of strategically positioning their business by offering a concept that is unique and different. We have created an innovative concept based around the uniqueness of our African brand as a solution to your challanges through superior unique spa design, treatments and products, operations, training and management know -how. A strategic and sustainable turn- key solution, unparalled in the marketWith our many years of experience in the hospitality and spa industries, we understand the need to offer a fully comprehensive brand and service package. We also supply beautiful hotel amenitites, branded uniforms, gowns, kaftans, bowls, candles, beaded boxes and ritual packs to compliment the range and complete the complete spa package offering.

We offer the following:

Conceptualization - Creation, Concept and Culture of Spa
Interior and Facility Design
Strategic Positioning and Planning
Treatment Room Set-Up - the most efficient way
Customer Relations Training - International Level
Signature Treatment Design - every Spa is unique
Spa Menu Creation - A la Carte Menu
Spa Product Training - not just another training
Spa Equipment Planning and Training - the most efficient and sustainable way
Spa Operational and Procedural Manuals - your Spa Bible
Duties, Responsibilities, Policies - insurance for high standard
Financial Forecasting (where applicable) - budget orientated
Marketing Assistance (collateral and PR) - to ensure the your branded look, feel and touch intuitively reach your target market
Management Structure (if applicable) - support, maintenance, online strategy, sharing of intellectual property, custom-made management, ongoing support
After Consulting Service - Online support on all your needs
Ongoing Support on the newest trends from the International Spa Conferences all over the world to reach you through the Company Newsletter on a monthly basis via email.Joint Media Launch Events – Press launches can be held at your Head Office, Flagship Account or chosen location with key members of the media. Wisdom of Africa will provide a Guest speaker, such as our International Trainer or Wisdom Representative to introduce the brand and total spa concept at the launch. This can be organised to coincide with Wisdom of Africa training. An African theme can be created for your launch to promote the concept of the brand.

Wisdom of Africa Press Releases:

Wisdom of Africa press releases will be sent out to your PR agency or in-house Marketing Department where key publications, newspapers beauty and feature editors can be targeted to support promotional activity, product launches and joint Wisdom/ Spa announcements and developments.

Therapist of the Year Competition

An incentive will be created to drive sales within your accounts. This will be in the form of a ‘Therapist of the year’ competition whereby the Therapist with the highest sales for the year will win a trip to visit the home of the brand. This incentive can be controlled and chosen by each Distributor.We have a dedicated marketing department that brings several years of international experience to ensure a yearly promotional package is in place to help you maximize your sales opportunities.

We offer a superb training programme, run by our International Trainer, who brings an abundance of knowledge and international experience.

As a team we bring you many years of experience from all over the world . We will be happy to lend you our expertise to design your spa... or turn your current spa into a profitable state-of-the art facility.

For more information contact:

Elisabeth Brandt

Adri du Toit

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