The Wisdom of AFRICA product range does not compromise in anyway.


All cosmetic products sold in the EU and within South Africa must comply with the Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations, part of which requires that a detailed Safety Assessment be conducted on each product. This means a detailed review of the safety to the skin, hair and internal body tissues of every ingredient used in each formulation.

Once all of the scientific evidence has been collated, an assessment as regards the safety to the user is made.

For the Wisdom of Africa product range a detailed review was carried out examining the safe use of several dozen different ingredients, ranging from modern sunscreens to botanical extracts, to ensure that each of the final formulations are not likely to cause skin irritation, allergies or to adversely affect the body in any way.

For each formulation, a detailed report was made as regards safety in use.

All technical matters associated with the Wisdom of Africa range are managed by Mr. Knowlton, a well-known and respected consultant to the cosmetic industry, both domestically and internationally.  Each formulation is reviewed comprehensively by Mr. Knowlton, to ensure that they will deliver optimum performance to the client or end-user in a safe and efficacious manner.  Mr. Knowlton is also responsible for the regulatory compliance of the range, ensuring that each product meets the exacting legal and quality standards exercised within the European Union."

The Wisdom of Africa brand was researched, created and tested and by leading professionals in the industry.


Louise Botes : N. Dipl. Cosmetic Science, N. Dipl Food Technology, Member of Coschem

Louise brings several years of formulation design and experience to the brand and is committed to designing products using only the highest quality ingredients sourced locally in South Africa.

Louise spent several months researching and developing superior indigenous ingredients and their unique properties to develop the Wisdom of Africa range. Louise is solely responsible for formulation design and development and ensures that the brand was created to the highest standard at all times.

Having firstly graduated with a National Diploma in Food Technology, Louise went on to study her passion, Cosmetic Science and Graduated with a National Diploma in Cosmetic Science in 1997.

Louise became a member of the Cosmetic Society of South Africa and worked extensively on formulating many brands such as Annique ( Rooibos Range skincare, bodycare, suncare, haircare and Men's ranges), Woolworths Cosmetics, Coty Casuals make-up , Candy Girl and Kangol Cosmetics.

I am very honoured and proud to be part of the team who brought WISDOM OF AFRICA to life. It was truly a fulfilling experience to carry out the Research behind the products and special ingredients and Develop the Formulations for this brand new, classy, sophisticated product range. Thank You Wisdom of Africa , for giving me this opportunity' Louise Botes Jan 2007.


John Knowlton C.Chem, MRSC, Dip. Cos. Sci. (GB)

 John entered the cosmetics and toiletries industry with Johnson and Johnson, where he held various positions within the European Research & Development Division during his 10-year stay with the company. This culminated in 1994, when John held the position of Principle Scientist, Southern Europe, with responsibility for all technical issues associated with Johnson & Johnson's personal care business in that part of the

In 1995, John joined Justine (Pty) Limited in Johannesburg, South Africa as Research Director, with overall responsibility for Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. In 1996, John was appointed to the position of Vice President, Research & Development in the newly formed Justine-AVON (Pty) Limited where John, was specifically responsible for the management and development of all Research & Development & Quality Assurance activities within the company. Specific responsibilities included the strategic development of new technologies to meet market needs and the implementation and execution of quality policies in line with corporate quality requirements and contemporary Quality Management philosophies.

John left Justine-AVON (Pty) Limited at the end of 1998 to start his own business, Cosmetic Solutions, specializing in a wide range of consultancy services to the cosmetic industry.

John Hopkins BSc, PhD, M I Biol, C Biol

Dr John Hopkins is a Consultant Toxicologist with over 30 years experience in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, having worked for major corporations in the UK , USA and France . He has a strong academic background in Toxicology and is the author of several scientific publications and patents.

His company, Innovant Research was founded in 2000 and provides consultancy in the fields of safety, toxicology and risk assessment.

 Both John Knowlton and John Hopkins have worked extensively on the Wisdom of Africa range on a quality control basis, compiling toxicology reports and dossiers for the International and South African market.

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